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tmnt fanfiction mikey bleeding Nonetheless I hope someone out there enjoys. Because I 39 m a freak freak freak freak freak freak freak freak Yea 39 that 39 s you know. Jun 29 2015 OMG I LOVE DONNIE 39 S EYES THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL fawns Donatello Donnie TMNT heroinewithoutashell Imagine Donatello smiling at you like this. 55 Annual TMNT Fanfiction Competition. for the ask game Tim bleeding Send an ask of an art prompt that 100 sounds like the kind of thing I would draw and I ll tell you how embarrassingly accurate it is 110 accurate. I will post the rest once I ve cleaned it up. quot Michelangelo quot Splinter was at his side in an instant. quot Don had to admit that Mikey had a point. Tmnt mikey gets abused fanfiction quot Keyword Found Websites Keyword suggest tool. Now there s something I never thought about before Mikey and Donnie arguing and getting violent. Even when they fed him his chains weren 39 t released. Mikey was trying to hold back tears in his eyes as he approached his brothers 39 graves. No ownership and definitely no profit. Raph. You know I lick it and do the things that 39 ll make you explode. com DA 28 PA 42 MOZ Rank 95 Please Speak Mikey Chapter 5 a ninja turtles fanfic Fanfiction. Warnings Notes Reader s gender is left completely unspecified except for mentions of reader wearing a dress and makeup angst to fluff April is a good friend Mikey being an existential bastard etc. they You 39 re a Wizard Raphie Another reason might be that the blue is the leader now thing reinvigorated the part of the fandom that crosses over with previous TMNT iterations where Leo along with Raph has historically been the fan favorite. You don 39 t believe me mami just let let let let me go low. Word Count 1400 . The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the raping series Posted on May 24 2013 by Tetrarch of Thorns Looking up for some stuff on Fanfiction. Worlds Collide. tmnt human au tmnt mikey rise mikey rottmnt rise of the tmnt rottmnt fanart redraw michelangelo hamato i drew this on my phone from my bed cause i was lazy and didn 39 t want to get up . Deep underground far below the streets of New York was a massive shrine mounted on a large pyramid like Anyway this is the first part of a fanfiction story I 39 m writing. quot Mikey quot Leo Raph and Donnie yelled running over. The puddle of blood was what scared them. quot Well maybe Raph 39 s finally learned how to control his temper and get along with Leo quot Mikey raised an eye ridge at his Mikey 39 s breathing is labored and he is still internally bleeding judging by the blood that is still trickling from his mouth. Adventure Fanfiction Horror. See more ideas about south park anime south park fanart supernatural ships. Mikey rings the doorbell to April s new place. Mikey went in to give Raph a hug. Mikey s head hit the back of the wall the mask slipped off his face and he tumbled down the hole. Green Brothers Movers and Schleppers reporting for duty Hey guys thanks I confess I am not very knowledgeable about any of the TMNT verses so I m begging your forgiveness now. Sorry forgot to put this on da last one. Usually it would happen to guys when a girl s boobs hit his face. Note Some stories cannot be displayed due to 39 R 39 ratings. This community features stories that have participated in a yearly competition since 2002. The struggle of escaping human eyes the harsh cold and the overall chore of being a parent. You have known the turtle brothers for several months now and feel comfortable taking a shower at the lair. I confess I am not very knowledgeable about any of the TMNT verses so I m begging your forgiveness now. Leatherhead and Donnie worked the mechanics of the engine Mikey painted the Mikey continued I don t care if you read it because you guys were so worried about me Mikey was now in Donnie s face with Raph sitting up now at full attention ready to intervene if it happened to get violent. May 14 2021 Title explains it all No Work Is My Own . This time it 39 s a redraw of my first ever human Mikey drawing. He was barely fed like once in 2 or 3 days. Luckily the turtles already had allies to help them track the Shredder down and put a stop to his plans once and for all. Will Mikey ever make it back home and if he does will he ever be the same again Based off of TMNT 2012. I never really liked it and I knew I had to redraw it one day. Chapter Text. tmnt tmnt raphael tmnt raph 2016 tmnt 2014 tmnt 2016 tmnt raph x reader fanfic tmnt leonardo tmnt mikey bleeding and you tossed the red receipts into Accidentally Walking in on You TMNT x Reader. Mikey. quot Come on Mikey your turn. Every time mikey tried to open his mouth he felt a piercing pain in his mouth. I do not own Tee Oh this is in the same timeframe of Season 3 for TMNT and Book 2 of Avatar. For which he was thankful. quot Donnie said. Move it I use it let 39 s go. I was dragged along too. Got you some more tea Mikey he said softly. Disclaimer I own neither Avatar nor Ninja Turtles both franchises are owned by Nickelodeon. I will add more if needed so don 39 t push my buttons. Based on the 2012 version fanfiction When Mikey gets separated from his bros he finds himself in a ghost town miles away from New York. One of the ninjas saw what was going on and grabbed Mikey from behind and put a blade to his throat Mike gulped loudly as he tried not to panic. A battle worn Mikey had a bleeding Splinter in his arms blood was pooling around Mikey as he tried to clear his eyes and head of the fuzz invading it. Casey . Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mikey Fanfiction. So then now that 39 s settled let 39 s get started. He fell back with a groan and punched the soldier in the face causing his bleeding knuckles to bleed more before throwing him off. Donnie walked over to him. It 39 s not like it 39 s the first time it 39 s happened. When Mikey gets separated from his bros he finds himself in a ghost town miles away from New York. quot I I 39 m okay Mikey quot Raph calmly assured him though he knew that he was far from okay. com I accidentally ran into this story try not to freak out with the title mikey has raphs baby by turtlemaniac . All sorts of medical inaccuracies reside within as well. quot Mikey heard a knock on his door and groaned in response. It was another day of training in the dojo. Don quickly began asking questions to Mike like quot ARE YOU SURE YOUR OK quot and quot MIKE BE HONEST IF YOU DONT THINK YOU CAN HOLD OUT FOR A WHILE THEN TELL ME quot Some of the blood dripped onto Mikey 39 s hand which startled him. Leo gasped watching the blood ooze out blending in with his brother s other wounds. Jun 20 2020 Romance Tmnt 2012 Tmnt Boyfriend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Mikey Leonardo Leo Donatello Donnie Raphael Raph Tmnt Fanfiction Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 201 These are some scenario 39 s of what would happen if any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be your boyfriend. See more ideas about ninja turtles ninja leonardo ninja turtle. Trying to convince himself to move he had to get Mikey out of there Mikey s an artist he s going to tag up his shell tag the lair up He s going to be our version of Banksy. quot Mikey said trying to push Donnie back towards Leo. His lips were raw and still bleeding . Once a Ninja Master famous throughout the lands of Japan now reduced to this. TMNT Raphael 39 s Shame. Summary Michelangelo throws a Halloween party and you re invited. His whole face was bruised so was his body. By process of nomination and voting the best yearly written pieces are brought together here for your reading pleasure. i was bent over Jan 4 2016 quot You 39 re a wizard Harry quot get it get it because of the scar oh well XD couldn 39 t help myself i had to make another turtle tot comic. Leonardo was to spar against Donatello and Michelangelo was to spar against Raphael. Hi April Mike greeted. Raph threatened Leo and Donnie growled in agreement. Mikey looked round at the ninja to see all three older turtles beat the snot out of him. See more ideas about bendy and the ink machine ink alice angel. quot But you must admit normally Raph is the first one selling tickets to see Sensei chew out Leo. Mikey 39 s powers Tmnt Mikey 2012 Fanfic Dream Catcher. Mikey would admit while he was still miserable the medicine Mikey bent his knees to jump but just as he started to leap away a piece of sharp metal came down and pierced the tails of Mikey s mask it jerked him back. O b Meanwhile in New York the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are off to rescue their kidnapped master only to find that their archenemy is now in possession of an artifact of great power. Drop it I watch it for sure. Heres my tmnt x reader book for my readers to request scenarios for If you like fluff heartbreak and romance with the turtles this is the book for you Enjoy these scenarios for Leo Raph Mikey and Donnie and possibly other characters . His brothers died protecting him from the Shredder and unfortunately the Shredder got away. The door opened and Donnie came in with a cup. Mikey sat up very slowly and cringed at how achy he was. Literature Text. Let s see how each of them would react to accidentally walking in and seeing you in the buff. My profile there is blue_divergents. Summary. quot I watched as Raph and Leo backed up with blood soaked towels in their hands as I bent to assess our brother 39 s condition. We ve got to move he said Kraang Prime is stomping this way . Tears and blood streamed down Mikey s face. Donnie hooked up IVs and a heart meter to Leo. Read Hugs from the story TMNT little sister by Weird_Weeb_101 My old man is a sumbag with 1 487 reads. I did this poll for the 2012 versions and I m wondering if the results would be the same. This fic is complete. Shredder knocked Mikey to the ground putting his foot on his plastron slowly applying pressure. Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest Oct 29 2020 Explore Rowen grillot 39 s board quot on hold quot on Pinterest. Aw I missed you too little brother Raph said giving Mikey s shell a pat. I am a Semi literate roleplayer so I prefer to roleplay with people who roleplay in 3rd person and write 5 lines. Regular Day Chapter 1 A TMNT fanfic. The redhead opens the door. Raph snarled standing and staring at the ninjas. Add to Favourites. He snarled as one lunged forward slamming into his shoulder. Leo and Donnie had fought and Donnie actually won for once. For the first time in 3 months Shredder didn 39 t beat him that day. In case you haven 39 t read my bio then please read this. TMNT Where 39 s Mikey Chapter 2. quot I 39 m fine just help Leo. Of Dreams and Nightmares A TMNT Fanfic Completed July 6 2017 Twinkle Toes aka Danielle. 39 39 Don 39 t eva 39 touch Mikey again 39 39 . Totally platonic friendship stuff occurs. Deviation Actions. Raph 39 s foot and arm seems to be broken and Mikey had a bleeding leg and arm with a huge bruise on his cheek Mikey gritted his teeth refusing to scream. Also I suck at formatting. As he tries to find his way back he runs into a more than strange stalker. tmnt tmntlittlesistersinarios tmntlittlesister. Of course my brothers couldn t say no. It is basically an overhauled complete rewrite of a fanfic I wrote around 1998 one that made my name popular in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fandom of that time. Raph ushered Casey in through the door to the O neil apartment where the others awaited them. Ancient enemies awaken alliances are forged friendships are shattered and hearts are broken in this action packed crossover of these two iconic franchises. Raph was already angry because everything went wrong for him. Now it was Raph vs. quot quot True quot Mikey agreed. Safe from the midsummer heat from overhead Leatherhead Don Mikey and Master Splinter were working on a new motorcycle in Leatherheads lair. Baby you roll it and rock it. Comment Jul 1 2019 Explore Raven 39 s board quot Leonardo ninja turtle quot on Pinterest. Green Brothers Movers and Schleppers reporting for duty Hey guys thanks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All Media Types Relationships Casey Jones Leonardo TMNT Leonardo Miyamoto Usagi Casey Jones April O 39 Neil TMNT Donatello amp April O 39 Neil TMNT Casey Jones amp Raphael TMNT Leonardo amp Raphael TMNT Characters Leonardo TMNT Casey Jones TMNT April O 39 Neil TMNT . He took the tea and saw that Donnie had also brought him some ibuprofen. Raph . He leapt to his feet and saw that the lead ninja was pointing a strange gun looking thing at him. Many bones were broken and he was bleeding heavily. net Mikey 39 s injury had occurred days ago and he had been exercising a lot since which would have only caused more damage and to bleed faster Finally digging his way through he saw his little brother lying there on his stomach beaten burned cut and bruised just about bleeding to death and huge jagged broken wood pillars piercing his right calve and forearm. Warning in later chapters there will be a suicide attempt by Mikey. quot Oh Mikey. Mikey was covered in injuries and his freckles stood out even more against his too pale complexion. Splinter cried. A lone rat all alone left to raise and care for four mutant turtle boys. The only time he saw anyone that day was when he was fed. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All Media Types Relationships Casey Jones Leonardo TMNT Leonardo Miyamoto Usagi Casey Jones April O 39 Neil TMNT Donatello amp April O 39 Neil TMNT Casey Jones amp Raphael TMNT Leonardo amp Raphael TMNT Characters Leonardo TMNT Casey Jones TMNT April O 39 Neil TMNT Mikey rings the doorbell to April s new place. What happens when 10 year old Michelangelo is kidnapped Will his brother 39 save him in time before Shredder does something bad to him Or will Shredder keep him hostage forever Find out in my new TMNT fanfiction story. quot Donnie said pointing to Mikey 39 s arms. That was the last thing Mikey felt before his world faded to black. Michelangelo . Aug 2 2019 This Pin was discovered by TOYCOLLECTION FR. Donnie immediately knew he must have internal bleeding but how Mikey came to for a split second whimpering quot Papa it hurts. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy amp Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators No. The other two turtles had left for Casey 39 s house for a video game night earlier. quot R Raph are are you b bleeding quot Mikey asked in a small frightened voice. but he knew it would get worse after the anaesthetic wore out and the numbness would fade. Mikey overhears his brothers complaining about him to their sensei and tries to change himself to prove to his family that he isn 39 t useless. These are originally from my Wattpad story TMNT x Reader amp OCs . She called us a couple days ago wondering if we were willing to help her with the move. quot You need stitches Mikey look you 39 re still bleeding. TMNT 2012 Leo x Reader Keep it Together Part 3. Language English. He stitched Leo up and when he was finished he turned to Mikey. He didn 39 t even know that you were at the lair Pops an instant pants tent If you don t know an anime nosebleed happens when a character sees a person so beautiful in their eyes that their nose starts bleeding. Donatello he s a softshell turtle and it suits his character because he built this fleet of battleshells that he wears that have all of these different functions. tmnt fanfiction mikey bleeding